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Groovey Joe Poovey

Greatest Grooves – 1999 (Dragon Street)

Reviewed by Jon Johnson

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Though Joe Poovey - who died in October 1998 - probably achieved his greatest success during his life as a songwriter (writing hits for Johnny Paycheck, Wynn Stewart and George Jones, among others), he was also a serious rockabilly and country artist in his own right; albeit never achieving on his own the success of those for whom he wrote.

Though a definitive collection of Poovey's country sides has yet to be assembled, this is a fine collection here of Poovey's rockabilly material (and a few country sides) recorded between 1954 and 1997 for several labels, including Eagle, Dixie and Rollin' Rock. Though the source tapes occasionally betray their current condition (the 1958 Eagle release of "Move Around," in particular), Poovey's great rockabilly numbers - "Move Around," the Jerry Lee-influenced "Ten Long Fingers," and "Careful Baby" - all make appearances; in some cases in two or even three versions. Also included are several rarities such as both sides of a 1954 Christmas single and four live tracks. A fine tribute for an underappreciated artist who died far too soon.