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Git Gone

Gone Rockin' – 1998 (The Music Room)

Reviewed by Stuart Munro

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It would be hard to come up with a better description of Git Gone's music than the one the band uses to indicate what it's about:"post-50s rock'n'roll." That catch-phrase perfectly encompasses Git Gone's reflection, or better, its refraction, of American music from that era-mostly rockabilly, but original rock and roll, hillbilly jazz and blues, and honky tonk as well.

The Austin three-piece uses guitar, slap-bass and stripped-down kit to produce a clean rocking sound, and adds diverse vocals: Jim Stringer's rasp-tinged leads on some, Sharon Ward's sass on others and their dueting on still others. Stringer and Ward also divvy up the songwriting chores, and originals such as "Opposite Attraction," with its jazzy picking and country harmonizing, and the swingabilly of "What Do I Know" mix seamlessly with a doo-wap hipshaking version of "Paralyzed" and the hillbilly chestnut "Uncle Dave Got Caught." Also worth noting: "Fiesta in Guadalupe," an oompah story song, and the band's cover of "These Boots Are Made for Walking." It's probably impossible to equal the daddy's girl tough-chick hipsterism of Nancy Sinatra's original, but this comes close. (available by phone 512-302-0766)