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George Canyon

One Good Friend – 2004 (Universal South)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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George Canyon was a participant on the Nashville Star show, but the jury's out on whether he will become one in real life. He sings with a nice baritone, reminiscent of Wade Hayes, meaning it's a full-bodied instrument ("Hell or High Water"). He merges his country instincts with a soulful sound ("I'll Never Do Better Than You").

But part of the problem is too often, there is too much brightness in the sound. It's a bit too clean, a bit too glossed over. A more raw, live sound would have benefited Canyon greatly. There are lots of nice guitar licks in "Hell or High Water," but you could imagine this would come off far better live if given a chance to breath.

And a few songs,("Letting Go") just aren't very exciting. Canyon displays promise, but at this point, he's far from a star.