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Bellamy Brothers

The 25 Year Collection Volume 1 – 2001 (Bellamy Brothers)

Reviewed by Joel Bernstein

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The Bellamy Brothers don't get much critical acclaim. Heck, they don't even get much critical notice. But a 25 year career with a couple of dozen Top Ten hits means they must have been doing something right. What they do is simple catchy melodies with solid vocals, and lyrics that are uniquely theirs - a light-hearted mix of nostalgia, sexism, and wordplay.

They were also one of the first acts to start their own record label. Hence we get this package which contains 17 of their hits plus three new songs in a similar vein. The early hits, originally recorded for other labels, are presented here either in new studio recordings or live versions. Original versions of the hits are still available, and one would think that most people would find those preferable, although some of the new versions come pretty close (while others add horns or other significant changes). Taken together, this material certainly gives a good overview of what The Bellamy Brothers have been all about. However, only hard-core fans are going to consider it essential.