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The Gourds

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  • Old Mad Joy (Vanguard, 2011)

Articles and Interviews

The Gourds deliver a haymaker (Dec 2008)
The Gourds have smartly covered everything from David Bowie's spacey glam sounds to Snoop Dogg's hip-hop (most notably "Gin and Juice") since they started in Austin in 1994, Not surprisingly, these adventurous behaviors have earned this unique act the label of Dixie flavored novelty act in some quarters. But Weird Al with a Southern accent they certainly are not. Granted, adding twang to both rock and rap may have garnered them plenty of chuckles. But The Gourds certainly aren't... more
The Gourds go heavy on ornamentals (Jan 2006)
The Gourds know how to throw a party. The Austin-based quintet is best known for rowdy live shows that showcase their ability to blend Tex-Mex and zydeco styles into their own unique brand of energetic hill country twang. But sometimes the substance of their working-class ballads gets lost in the midst of the midnight fiesta. It shouldn't. Sure, for the past nine years chief songwriters Kevin Russell and Jimmy Smith have excelled at penning witty tongue-in-cheek stories that often border on silly. This is fun music, after all.... more

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