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The Infamous Stringdusters

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Ladies and gentlemen, The Infamous Stringdusters (Jun 2016)
Nearly 10 years on, The Infamous Stringdusters have carved out a singular place for themselves in the bluegrass/jamgrass world. The Stringdusters tour aggressively, are fixtures on the festival circuit and released several intriguing recording projects since late 2015: an EP of covers, including Tom Petty's "American Girl," and a full-length album of songs collaborating with some of the finest female singers in the Americana genre ("Ladies and Gentlemen"). Along the way already this year, they headlined at Red Rocks outside Denver and continued their collaboration on the Grateful Grass project.... more
Infamous Stringdusters: overnight success leads to dealing with soph slump (Jun 2008)
The transition from overnight success to a long-term career in the music industry is definitely not an easy one for a band. Many a talented group has emerged from relative obscurity to obtain immediate commercial success, critical accolades and flashy labels like "the next big thing," only to fade quickly away. One band trying to prove it is here to stay is The Infamous Stringdusters. In 2 short years, this 6-piece acoustic group experienced a meteoric ascension from a band in... more

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