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Sunny Sweeney

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Other CDs

  • Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame (Big Machine, 2007)
  • Trophy (Thirty Tigers, 2017)

Articles and Interviews

Sunny Sweeney enters "Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame" (Nov 2006)
Sunny Sweeney sounds like a throwback to pre-music video country music of the 1970s on her debut CD, "Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame." She has a twangy voice that could never be mistaken for a pop singer. Her voice has an honest and raw quality that shines through the polished studio treatment. On a cell phone call while in Nashville to write songs for her next CD, even though "Heartbreaker's" just dropped, Sweeney comes across as unpretentious and immediately likeable. The two words that pop up most in her stories and explanations are "dude" and "fun." Her enthusiasm is evident in every unguarded tale she tells.... more

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