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The Jayhawks

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For Gary Louris, it's time to be a "Vagabond" (Feb 2008)
It only took 20 years, but Gary Louris finally meandered down that road that most songwriters seek and put out a solo record. "I've been in a band for quite awhile, and it took up most of my time, and I felt like I had enough of my personal stuff expressed through The Jayhawks that I didn't need to put out a solo record," he says. "Now that that band isn't together anymore, it was just time." As a founding member of The Jayhawks and their lead singer and guitarist on three of their... more
The Jayhawks make music for a rainy day (May 2003)
The Jayhawks' new album, "Rainy Day Music," is perhaps its best effort to date. Ethan Johns produced this sad, yet still jangle-y album. It's a disc filled with songs about girls with problems, about recognizing life's spiritual side and - maybe more than anything else - just about making pretty music to wile away the long hours during those many rainy Minneapolis days. Now down to a just a compact trio, singer Gary Louris, drummer Tim O'Reagan and bassist Marc Perlman continue to turn their rainy days into beautiful musical rainbows.... more

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