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The Sadies

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John Doe, The Sadies join "Country Club" (May 2009)
John Doe came to fame as the singer/bassist in X, the seminal L.A. punk band. In the late 70s, he, along with his then-wife Exene Cervenka, helped define American punk rock. But some were surprised when these two put out "Poor Little Critter on the Road," the debut for a side project called The Knitters in 1986. Among its couple of new songs, and an X re-do, was a beautiful version of Merle Haggard's Silver Wings, which revealed that Doe had both the skills and the true love to play country music. ... more
The Sadies display their "favourite colours" (Nov 2004)
Dallas Good, the lead singing half of the two brothers in The Sadies, is driving through Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, a place he terms a "thriving metropolis,' during a phone interview. At the same time he travels, he's doing his best to describe the nearly indescribable music his band makes. And while it's highly debatable that Halifax is anything close to a thriving metropolis, there's absolutely no debating the high quality of The Sadies' music. It's a hybrid mixing country and western with surf rock and a spaghetti western soundtrack vibe, to create something completely wholly new and unique.... more

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