The Hollisters

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A case of writer's block works out just fine for The Hollisters (Mar 2000)
A case of the bane of songwriters - writer's block - may have done a lot of good for Mike Barfield, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of The Hollisters. Working on songs for what would become their HighTone Records debut and second album, "Sweet Inspiration," the Houston resident was afflicted. "I was sitting around trying to write a song, and the lack of inspiration became the inspiration," says Barfield. "I started with the line 'something needs to charge me up' and went on from that.... more
The Hollisters: today Houston, tomorrow...? (Dec 1997)
Ever since they played their first show in June 1995, the Hollisters havebeen winning over Houston country fans left and right. Their conquest of the nation's fourth largest city concluded this past summer with the Best C&W award from the Houston Press, and now with their first album, "The Land of Rhythm and Pleasure," just released on Austin's Freedom Records, they're ready to expand their horizons. "We're ready to move on now," says lead singer Mike Barfield. "We got the CD out, and it's time to work on getting out of town."... more