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Tammy Cochran

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Life happens for Tammy Cochran (Nov 2002)
In this day and age when country singers sing simple tales of love won and lost - usually won since it's a lot safer - enter Tammy Cochran. The attractive, blonde Ohioan received some acclaim last year with her self-titled debut and the single, "Angels in Waiting." But don't expect Cochran to go soft with her sophomore album. Nope, the entire album goes into excruciating, sometimes painful detail through the perils of love for better and for worse. In fact, Cochran, often compared to country greats Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette, brings something to the table often found lacking in country music nowadays - the story song.... more
Tammy Cochran hopes her angels are helping (Jun 2001)
Take a close look at the Country Music Critics Poll list of the best singles of 2000, and you'll find something out of the ordinary: among the album tracks from established superstars and critics' favorites there's just one genuine single - Tammy Cochran's "If You Can." A hard country ballad in which Cochran begs her partner to tell the truth "if you can," it was supposed to have paved the way last spring for a debut album on Epic in the fall - but when the singer's powerful rendition failed to light up the charts, the CD was put on hold while label execs figured out what to do next.... more

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