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Rosie Flores

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CD Reviews

Other CDs

  • Girl of the Century (Bloodshot, 2009)
  • Working Girl (Bloodshot, 2012)

Articles and Interviews

Rosie Flores becomes "Girl of the Century" (Oct 2009)
If they were asked to list iconic rockabilly artists, whether pioneering originals or revivalists, it would be easy for serious fans of roots rock to name off the great men of rockabilly. But the job of compiling a similar collection of special women rockers would not be quite so easy and obvious. For instance, if you look up Rosie Flores' name on under the 'influenced by' section, you'll only find one name, Wanda Jackson. Where are Brenda Lee and Lorrie Collins?... more
Rosie Flores plants a single rose (Jun 2004)
"It was really scary," says Rosie Flores of her new album. "I was sitting here in my little armless rocking chair 15 minutes before I was supposed to set up at the club and record. I had an audience waiting there for me...and I sitting there finishing the writing of the songs saying, 'This line could be better!' I was just so nervous. Then, while I was up there on-stage, I started thinking, 'I can't hide behind anything. They're going to either really love this or really hate it.' It's like standing up there naked. You get so insecure."... more
Flores keeps on dreaming (Mar 1999)
Rosie Flores is a nearly non-stop talker and a performer with a yen to juggle the moods of the listener. Both traits serve her well on her new Rounder disc of rockabilly, country and swing, "Dance Hall Dreams." Though "Dreams" is a new release, the material was recorded nearly a year ago. The basic tracks came from a pair of live dates at the Cibolo Creek Country Club in San Antonio, Tex. But the disc isn't billed as a live outing because the material was then taken into the studio for additional work.... more
Flores rushes out of the gate (Nov 1995)
Rosie Flores has done it all. She's been rock 'n' roll, mainstream country, alternative country, and now rockabilly. She's been part of groups, and she's been solo. She's been on major labels and independents. Through it all, she's never had a major hit record, nor is she the name most people think of when discussing alternative country. And yet, she's put together a lengthy body of work that's solid as anyone who's better known or more critically acclaimed. ... more