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Lori McKenna

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The unglamorous Lori McKenna (Sep 2007)
Anyone who says women can't have it all clearly has never confronted the force of nature that is Lori McKenna. She has been a devoted wife for 18 years - almost half her life - and equally doting stay-at-home mother of 5 along the way. But somewhere in the painting of this slightly tilted Norman Rockwell portrait, McKenna also became one of the country's most gifted songwriters, beloved by a cultish fan base, championed by Faith Hill and feted by Oprah Winfrey.... more
For Lori McKenna, "Bittertown" is the pill (Oct 2004)
Although normalcy is hardly the trademark of a folk singer's life, the career of Lori McKenna still manages to stand out from the careers of most of her musical peers. After all, how many singer-songwriters wait until they're nearly 30 years old and are already busy raising three children before releasing their first album? And how many singer-songwriters marry a blue-collar childhood friend and stay in the same small working-class town they grew up in? But that's just the story for the 35-year-old McKenna, and it's that sort of life that brings an extra sense of realism to her recently released fourth album, "Bittertown."... more

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