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Laura Cantrell

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Laura Cantrell countrifies New York (Sep 2005)
New York City is not a country town, but don't try telling that to Laura Cantrell. The Nashville native turned New Yorker is an ardent defender of country music in a city with a reputation for being decidedly hostile to the genre. "I feel some of the 'sniffiness' about country music can be a little classist," Cantrell, 38, explains via cell phone from a park bench in New York's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. "It's always been working peoples' music, and some people get uptight about that."... more
Laura Cantrell isn't the trembling kind (Dec 2000)
Laura Cantrell might have had one of those moments - the kind that let you know what you have been striving for all this time pushing her musical career is finally about to work out - as she played recently in Nashville. The scene: Spring Water, a bar that Cantrell herself says "gets pretty rough." It's known in Music City as the place where alt.-country upstarts Lambchop got their start. But here Cantrell was, in town along with the recent Americana Music Conference, an ad-hoc effort by musicians and record honchos to get more notice for roots music on the radio and elsewhere.... more

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