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King Wilkie

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King Wilkie goes for Broke on "Low Country Suite" (Jul 2007)
In a field consisting of Cherryholmes, Nothin' Fancy, Alecia Nugent and Pine Mountain Railroad, King Wilkie walked away as the IBMA's Emerging Artist of the Year in 2004 thanks to its debut "Broke." For many groups, this is the spot where they can see the Entertainer of the Year award dangling just ahead. For King Wilkie, which just released "Low Country Suite," their debut for Rounder, it was both a crowning achievement and their bluegrass swan song of sorts.... more
King Wilkie goes for broke (May 2004)
The words "bluegrass" and "epiphany" rarely seem to keep close company with each other, or at least, not usually in the vocabularies of those who don't follow bluegrass music closely. But it was just such an epiphany, a revelation, that took hold of college roommates Reid Burgess, a Wisconsin native, and Ted Pitney, a New Yorker by birth, when they decided to take in a local bluegrass festival, neither of them having experienced the music previously.... more

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