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Julie Miller

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The breathless lives of Buddy & Julie Miller (Oct 2001)
Buddy Miller doesn't sound especially breathless as he talks on the telephone from the Nashville home he shares with his wife, Julie, but if he did, it wouldn't be surprising. After all, Miller wears enough hats singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer that holes in his schedule are guaranteed to be few and far between even under the most relaxed circumstances, and the past couple of years have been anything but that. That makes the seamlessness of their new, self-titled album all the more remarkable. Though they've collaborated on disc before, "Buddy and Julie Miller" (HighTone) is the first time they've been co-billed.... more
Once again, it's (Julie) Miller's time (Sep 1999)
Julie Miller's latest album, "Broken Things," once again highlights the sad and serious songs of a woman who - in contrast to her art - comes off like a giggly schoolgirl in real life. Over the phone, these distinctly differing personalities are striking. Can that tiny voice on the other end of the line be the same one that gives life to such somber reflections upon mortality as "I Still Cry" and "All My Tears"? Or what about her reading of "Two Soldiers," a traditional Civil War lament? Is this really that same person?... more

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