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John Prine

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John Prine does it "Fair & Square" (Jun 2005)
It doesn't seem possible that nearly a decade has passed since singer/songwriter John Prine last released a full album of his own original work, which fans will tell you consistently runs the gamut from piercingly poignant to goofier than Mickey Mouse's best friend. After all, this is the notoriously prolific John Prine, who once put together a string of seven albums in nine years, six of them in consecutive years. And yet here we are, almost 10 years after Prine's brilliant "Lost Dogs &... more
Oh boy, Prine comes out from under the covers (Nov 1999)
John Prine's reputation for his 30-year career has been built more on his songwriting than on anything else. How strange then that his new album should have only one of his own songs and yet still is getting perhaps even more attention than its immediate predecessors. Covers albums are running rampant right now, and it's only fitting that when Prine tackled the concept, he did it with a clever twist that no one else had thought of. "In Spite Of Ourselves," on Prine's own Oh Boy label, is an album of classic country songs done as duets with female singers (except for one he does solo).... more

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