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J.D. Crowe

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Longview goes deep again (Apr 2008)
At the time of their 1997 self-titled debut on Rounder, Longview quickly came to be regarded by many as the first bluegrass "supergroup," a coalition of six of the leading lights of the contemporary bluegrass scene. The project was successful enough to spawn two follow-ups, "High Lonesome" (1999, also on Rounder) and "Lessons In Stone" (2002, on Rebel). Now back with Rounder after a six-year hiatus, they return with "Deep In The Mountains," yet another throwback to the "stacked" three-part harmony drawn straight from the era before the term "bluegrass" came into widespread use to describe the genre.... more
J.D. Crowe plays "Lefty's Old Guitar" (Nov 2006)
While it takes some digging, there are published sources attesting that his 1937 birth certificate says James Dee Crowe, but for more than a half-century friends and fans of the iconic bluegrass banjo master have called him simply J. D. And, in fact, it's an added measure of his status as one of the pioneers of the music that, despite the fact that there are others in the business with that name, if you just say "Crowe," everyone knows who you mean.... more

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