IIIrd Tyme Out

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  • Timeless Hits From The Past Bluegrassed (Cracker Barrel, 2013)

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IIIrd Tyme Out launch their best durn ride (Sep 2004)
With the release of their 10th album, "The Best Durn Ride," IIIrd Tyme Out's lead vocalist and guitarist, 40-year old Russell Moore, reflects from his Georgia home that the 13 years since the band's formation in 1991 have been a pretty good ride as well. Though he and bassist Ray Deaton, 50, are the sole remaining members of the original quintet, the band's remarkable stability through the years has allowed them to achieve and maintain a distinctive vocal and instrumental sound that has... more
IIIrd Tyme Out lives it up again (Nov 2001)
First time out, Ray Deaton, Russell Moore and Mike Hartgrove forged ground separately. Second time out, they learned the ropes together from the legendary Doyle Lawson as members of his band, Quicksilver. Third time out, they hit pay dirt together, on their own in their own band. Since 1991, IIIrd Tyme Out gradually became one of the better bands in bluegrass. Having made a name for themselves on the road, it seems only logical that they've recorded a trio of live albums, including their latest, "Back to the Mac."... more
IIIrd Tyme Out goes live sixth time out (May 1998)
With IIIrd Tyme Out, four-time winners of the Vocal Group of the Year Award from the International Bluegrass Music Association, you expect great harmonies and equally fine picking. But there's also the unexpected, such as an occasional non-bluegrass song presented in a harmony-rich setting. That's why it made perfect sense that lead vocalist Russell Moore had been recording "Milk Cow Blues" at Doobie Shea studios in Boone's Mill, Va., just before an interview. And doing it as a solo vocal at that.... more

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