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Cross Canadian Ragweed

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Cross Canadian Ragweed tunes up in the "Garage" (Oct 2005)
Cross Canadian Ragweed wants you to know that they are an American band. Although the name often evokes images of hockey, maple leaves and universal health care, the group actually originates from Oklahoma, and the foursome now calls Texas home. The band's name is actually a combination of the members' own names: Grady Cross (guitar), Cody Canada (vocals, guitar), Randy Ragsdale (drums). Jeremy Plato (bass) also is in the band, but his name isn't part of the CCR. Of course, this explanation is lost on many.... more
Cross Canadian Ragweed cooks soul gravy (May 2004)
Cross Canadian Ragweed has wisely titled its latest album "Soul Gravy," since - much like table gravy - this disc is a mixture of sometimes unidentifiable, yet still tasty, ingredients. The group is led by singer Cody Canada, who has been known to sport Iron Maiden t-shirts on stage and even break into a guitar-squealing version of Ted Nugent's "Strangle-hold" when the mood strikes him just right. In fact, a recorded cover of that Motor City Madman's familiar hard rock classic is even included as a hidden track on the new album.... more

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