Rodney Crowell

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Rodney Crowell's "Outsider" casts a critical eye (Oct 2005)
Rodney Crowell chuckles a bit when he fields a question about the evolution of his latest album, "The Outsider." "The evolution of it, eh?" he says wryly from his northern California tour stop. "After 'Fate's Right Hand' was done, the evolution was just going into the studio with some new songs and recording them, songs that I wrote mostly on tour." Crowell may be hesitant to think about his more recent works in terms of something as structured as an actual evolution since that could infer a certain conscious effort on his part to effect a change in his music.... more
Rodney Crowell tests fate (Sep 2003)
"There are really only two things in life," Rodney Crowell says. "What you make of it and what it makes of you. And I think that for the most part it's what I make of it, but there are times when, as in the song 'Fate's Right Hand,' there's a real examination of what happens when it all just overwhelms you. And what happens when the silly oversexed kid that you were grows up." Crowell took a long, clear-eyed yet sympathetic look at that youth on "The Houston Kid," the 2001 album that marked his return to recording on his own after a 7-year hiatus, but the new album, he says, is altogether different.... more
Rodney Crowell: "The Houston Kid" is the comeback kid (Jan 2001)
Can "The Houston Kid" make Rodney Crowell the "comeback kid?" After all, it's been five years since Crowell released his last solo album. Whether it does or not, at this stage in his long career, Crowell, 50, most certainly is content with the results. Crowell says in an interview from his Nashville-area home that he was searching for "self respect" in making the album. "Seriously. I needed to make a record that I liked you know. I was the audience for this one. Just truthfully,... more

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