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Robbie Fulks finds life is hard, 'Georgia Hard' (May 2005)
From the beginning of his career, Robbie Fulks has typified the go-your-own-way ethic of the insurgent country genre, defining it through his recordings and performances even as he sought to distance himself from anything remotely resembling an organized movement. His short-lived and generally unsatisfying major label experience with Geffen was book ended by two tenures with Bloodshot, all of which showcased Fulks' take-no-prisoners brand of traditional country, roots rock and his own unique spin on all of it.... more
Just plain (Robbie) Fulks (Jan 2000)
Robbie Fulks has become something of an expert in the workings of the record industry. Within less than two years, he's seen his albums released on a major label, via his web site and on an established independent label. Fulks' first two albums "Country Love Songs" (1996) and "South Mouth" (1997) were released on Bloodshot. After the demise of his more rock-oriented 1998 major label album "Let's Kill Saturday Night" (and the Geffen label itself), Fulks is back on Bloodshot.... more
Fulks proves "ready to do something different" (Sep 1998)
This isn't your grandfather's Robbie Fulks. Just three years ago, the former Bloodshot Records artist may have been pegged for a swank country crooner who could play some pretty tasty guitar. With albums like "Country Love Songs" and "South Mouth," Fulks displayed a real talent for walking a fine line between rootsy rock and smart-ass cornpone. The result? Hooky, country-esque songs that lay just this side of uncategorizeable. With his new, major label debut on Geffen, "Let's Kill... more
The insurgent odyssey of Robbie Fulks (Oct 1997)
We caught up with Robbie Fulks at an exciting and unlikely moment in his career: in spite of a prodigious and uncompromising talent for songwriting which outmodes the day's commercially dominant thinking about country music with its manic humor and stylistic depth, Fulks has just managed to secure a major label contract with Geffen after three years of work for Bloodshot Records in Chicago. During that time, he contributed songs to three of that label's renowned "insurgent country" compilations and released two full length discs: 1996's "Country Love Songs" and "South Mouth," out Oct. 7.... more
The insurgent odyssey of Robbie Fulks (Dec 1996)
Robby Fulks is a shot of wry whiskey in the brew pub of country. And so is Robbie Fulks, a slightly better known incarnation of the same person. Bloodshot, the label for which Fulks records, listed him as Robby on the two compilations introducing him to the world of what they call "insurgent country." The label lists him as Robbie almost everywhere on his first album, "Country Love Songs." Fulks claims to not really care, but the one place on his album where he's Robby is the cartoon he drew himself.... more

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