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Patty Loveless

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Patty Loveless brings her "Mountain Soul" again (Nov 2009)
Much like her heroes, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris, Patty Loveless' music has evolved and enjoyed a few reincarnations over the course of her career. Loveless began working with Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner while still a teenager, before dabbling in North Carolina rock and roll bands for several years. She then joined MCA's Nashville roster from 1985 until 1992, releasing songs like That Kind of Girl and Chains. ... more
Patty Loveless dreams on (Oct 2005)
I Two decades into her singing career, Patty Loveless has earned many number one hits and awards and in recent years, heightened status as one of the great voices of country music, staying true to her roots and eschewing the mainstream. While others may have ridden the commercial country wave, Loveless returned to the sounds of her eastern Kentucky upbringing with mountain, country and bluegrass on the highly acclaimed "Mountain Soul" in 2001 after her career was going through a less popular... more
Patty Loveless finds her way home (Nov 2003)
After a good run on the country charts, Patty Loveless found herself in an unaccustomed setting. For a good eight years, she was almost always at the top of the country charts. But as befalls many artists, things started going the other way. Instead of attempting to go for the commercial jugular and back where she belonged, Loveless went in a very very different direction - her eastern Kentucky roots and bluegrass/mountain/Appalachian music with "Mountain Soul" in 2001. For some, that could have been the end of a relationship with a record company as well because in these trying economic times, no sales means no record deal.... more
Patty Loveless bares her "Mountain Soul" (Jul 2001)
Patty Loveless was not thinking much about Elvis or blaming it on the heart or saying goodbye when it came to recording by far the most varied and different album of her career, "Mountain Soul." Nope. The 44-year-old Kentucky native was thinking about her roots and a concert from 9 years ago that proved to be the catalyst for the album of country, bluegrass and mountain music done all acoustic with the focus squarely on Loveless' voice. "'Mountain Soul' is so special to me - the music is... more
Patty Loveless plays with a strong heart (Sep 2000)
Photo by Morello/Ghergia
Patty Loveless figured it was about time for a break. Finally. After slogging through recording studios, concerts and the requisite duties of being an artist, Loveless had about enough. The result was no album from the queen of country for a few years, at least until "Strong Hearts" hit the bins in late August. "I've been touring ever since '85," says Loveless in a telephone interview from on the road. "It hasn't been probably the glamorous type of lifestyle. The fact is that I needed to kind of just rejuvenate myself, get away from it, get away from the road and miss it."... more
Patty Loveless: Blame It On Her Heart, the Singer Who Cares More About Passion Than Cashin' (May 1998)
I don't want to get into all that," says Patty Loveless from a plush sofa at Nashville's tony Hermitage Hotel. Nothing nasty about her tone, mind you; it's just that with 10 interviews ahead of her today, she's pacing herself. And besides, Loveless has never been comfortable with spilling her guts about her personal life to just any shnook with a notebook and a tape recorder. Over the last few years, though, Loveless has had plenty to fret about. In 1995, her older brother Roger fought off a potentially fatal liver ailment.... more

Editorials and Country Musings

Random thoughts from a guy who thinks about country a lot (Nov 2006)
How bad is it to be a one (or two) hit wonder? It must be pretty unpleasant, considering that Mindy McCready would rather spend her time in court, in jail and doing community service rather than sing "Ten Thousand Angels" and "Guys Do It All The Time" every night. I swear, it's gotten to where I'm afraid to check out the country news because I don't know what this poor lost child is going to do next. She's already been in trouble for drugs, driving under the influence, identity theft and kidnapping. And she has attempted suicide. Me, I'd rather live in Branson.... more
And the new queen of country is.... (Jun 1998)
It's time to crown the new queen of country music. Past time, actually; the throne has been empty since Her Royal Highness Loretta abdicated the throne. In order to be Monarch of Middle American Music, a candidate must have a solid track record. No flashes-in-pans need apply. She must represent country music well no major scandals or skeletons. She must also (sorry, but this is the video age) be beautiful. (But by the same token, she shouldn't take herself too seriously.) And, of course, she should have red hair. (It looks so good with the purple robe.)... more

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