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Alejandro Escovedo

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Alejandro Escovedo soundtracks life on "Real Animal" (Jul 2008)
There is a circuitous quality to Alejandro Escovedo's latest album, "Real Animal." The album is essentially a work of autobiography that details, in allusory song form, the cultural, musical and personal path that Escovedo has carved over the past 30 years. To tell the story of "Real Animal," it becomes necessary to tell Escovedo's story, which he does to a certain extent on the CD. And while the songs offer specific glimpses into Escovedo's long, storied career against a musical... more
Alejandro Escovedo: a man under the influence of his roots (Jun 2001)
The first track from Alejandro Escovedo's latest solo album, "A Man Under the Influence," "Wave," tells the story of a young man setting out to find his family and himself in a strange country. While "A Man Under the Influence" wouldn't sound out of place with the rest of Escovedo's work, he's clearly an artist in transition. So, it should come as no surprise that he would seek out new surroundings for inspiration. Escovedo recorded the album in North Carolina with Chris Stamey producing.... more

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