The Domino Kings

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The Domino Kings hope to be in the front of your mind (Jul 2002)
The late '90s were nothing if not a renaissance of young hardcore country acts. Texas, as expected, was a hotbed of activity with the likes of The Derailers, Dale Watson and Roger Wallace. But the Midwest produced its share, as well, particularly Chicago's Robbie Fulks and Missouri's Domino Kings, who just released their third album, "The Back of Your Mind." Like Fulks, the Domino Kings were longtime vets of the road by the time they got around to recording their debut, "Lonesome Stranger," in 1998.... more
Domino Kings get life and 20 (Jan 2001)
Most alternative country bands become less country and more rock as their careers progress. The Domino Kings are going the opposite way. Based in Springfield, Mo. - which once served as the home of the nationally broadcast Ozark Jamboree - they've evolved from a rockabilly band into a hard-core honky-tonk outfit, culminating in their new album "Life & 20" on the new Missouri-based Slewfoot Records. The band, led by Steve Newman and Brian Capps, began working together six years ago. "I... more