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The Derailers

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The Derailers soldier on (Jul 2006)
The Derailers are en route between gigs in Louisiana, leaving Lafayette and heading to Baton Rouge. Lead singer and founding member Brian Hofeldt says over his cell phone that he and the band always have a great time in Louisiana because the food is uniformly good, and the people are always smiling. His band gathers fans at their energetic live shows, so Hofeldt is understandably cheerful about touring. The well-chosen words just roll out from him, "The Derailers are always out on the road, visiting our fine friends and fans in this great land of ours."... more
This time, The Derailers are genuine (Mar 2003)
Through nine years, six albums, and numerous rhythm section changes, the two constants in Austin's The Derailers have been Tony Villanueva and Brian Hofeldt, the group's guitarists, lead vocalists, and main songwriters. Since 1994, the band has been one of the shining lights of the Austin music scene, recording and touring prolifically in support of a sound influenced by Bakersfield artists like Buck Owens and Wynn Stewart as well as by the early '60s pop of The Beatles and Roy Orbison.... more
Here come The Derailers (Sep 2001)
New label. New producer. But the sound of one of Austin's finest, The Derailers, remains the same. That is not such a bad thing either. Not when the sound is a mix of honky tonk meets Bakersfield with some Sixties-styled harmonies and nods to The Beatles thrown in. You can still cite folks like Buck Owens to give an idea of what these guys sound like. According to Tony O. Villanueva, one of the quartet's lead singers, the similarity of "Here Come The Derailers" to past efforts should not have come as any surprise. ... more
The Derailers hope to widen the track (Sep 1999)
For the past few years, The Derailers have enjoyed life on the road and support from Americana radio. With their third album "Full Western Dress," The Derailers hope to achieve more mainstream acceptance. The Derailers driving forces are co-founders Tony Villanueva and Brian Hofeldt, who met in Portland, Ore. about a decade ago. The two share a fondness for the music of the '60's, which is evident in much of their own music. Though country music was the main influence, there was a strong rock influence, particularly from The Beatles.... more
The Derailers stay on track (May 1998)
With one foot firmly planted in Texas honky tonks and the other in the Bakersfield Sound of Buck Owens, The Derailers chug along. Their major label debut, "Reverb Deluxe" on Sire doesn't make a lot of changes to the band's basic love of Bakersfield and the Lone Star state with a dose of Sixties styled pop harmonies. Lead singer Tony Villanueva says from a pit stop in New Mexico, "We wanted to have some improvement in our songwriting and improvement in our sound, and I think that naturally happens through time." "There has been (improvement), but we didn't move too far away from what our general path has been and still is."... more
The Derailers ride the right track (Sep 1996)
From Austin, Texas, the great musical city that spawned such critically acclaimed artis as Monte Warden's Wagoneers and Kelly Willis, comes a new group with a sound all its own, at least among modern country bands. The Derailers do things its own way, expressing love for traditional country music everywhere from California to Norway. Lead singer Tony Villanueva has just returned for an interview from his record label, Watermelon Records, where he's been ironing out some last-minute details on the late February album release. He sounds excited, and he has good reason to be.... more

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