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Is this really it for The Judds?

Jeffrey Remz  |  June 11, 2010

I have nothing against The Judds at all - really. I interviewed Naomi awhile back, and she's a trip. Upbeat, humorous and she got a mind of her own to say the least. I even have a photo with Wynonna (okay, it is old with both of us looking a lot younger) in my office here, proudly displayed.

And I hate to come off as sounding cynical since I don't consider myself to be a cynical person.

But I must raise an eyebrow when I got an email Thursday morning saying that The Judds had named their fall tour "The Judds: The Last Encore."

Correct if I'm wrong, but this makes it sound like it's their final batch of concerts together. The gigs start Thanksgiving weekend in Green Bay and end on Dec. 19.

"There is nothing like music and laughter to connect people," Naomi Judd said. "How I've missed that encounter with the very ones who've allowed us that awesome privilege. I'm counting the days till I can be back on my bus, visiting their towns."

"This tour gives me a chance to enjoy where mom and I are in our relationship. I look forward to celebrating our personal and professional journey...together," Wynonna said.

It all sounds well and good - caring about the fans and furthering one's relationship with mom. Almost like apple pie.

But how many times has the public been lured into thinking that this is it - the final time - that band x is going to tour together. So, you better show up or else you'll miss out on history being made.

Maybe The Judds will surprise us and really call it quits this time. And maybe it's worth it just to go for the music, which includes songs from an upcoming new disc instead of it being merely a reunion tour. Or maybe they should call it "This Could Be the Last Time Tour." Just don't take advantage of the fans with the marketing machine please.

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