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Joe Nichols Talks About 'An Old Friend Of Mine'

Jessica Phillips  |  November 17, 2009

Joe Nichols' latest release is a fine country album and I'm glad to see that he is back with new music. One of the best songs on the album is Nichols' autobiographical "Old Friend of Mine," a musical declaration of Nichols' newfound sobriety.

Nichols told The Tennessean that the song helps to keep him accountable. He says, "My wife's biggest fear with me doing that song was, 'Singing that song every night on stage, is it going to bring up a dark place in you? Is it going to have a ripple effect in a negative way?' And I can't look anyone in the face and say, 'I promise that will never be the case.' But I can say, 'I'm strong enough to sing it, and I'm proud of it. With that song, there's a clear question and one clear thought: 'Well, you'd better stay sober.' People are hearing that song, and a lot of people in recovery think it's special to them, and the guy that's singing it can't just say, 'I was just kidding.'"

Nichols isn't kidding.

"In addiction, you walk around in a cloud," he said. "You only experience a small amount of joy or pain, and you don't give out much joy. Now, I'm getting out there and having to feel the truth and speak the truth, and all these things are painful. They're also making me happy. I've never experienced this level of happiness before. It's like learning to walk again."

:: Posted at 10:33 AM by Jessica Phillips ::
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