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Carrie Underwood Brings On The Sass

Jessica Phillips  |  November 5, 2009

Though Carrie Underwood can handle a range of different song styles, from the sweet and inspirational "Jesus Take the Wheel," to the tear-jerker "Just a Dream," to the tough chick anthem "Before He Cheats," Underwood seems to be enjoying those uptempo rockers a bit more these days.

"I love sass," Underwood says. "And this is what I think is great about the whole album. People have so many layers and so many different emotions and feelings, and throughout the album, we tapped into a lot of that."

If the songs from Play On have plenty of chutzpah to spare, Underwood says that's deliberate. "We have attitude, and just like everybody else, I'd rather sing attitude than give attitude," she said. "But it's so fun to play a character and play something that you would never really be in real life."

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