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Creative Writing Class Sparked Toby Keith's Songwriting Career

Jessica Phillips  |  October 19, 2009

Before being honored for writing ten years worth of hit songs at the Nashville Songwriters Associational International's Hall of Fame Dinner on Sunday evening, Toby Keith recalled that although he was recognized as a talented writer in grade school, he almost didn't become a writer.

Keith relates, "My sixth grade teacher called my mom and said that they had a one-hour writing class every other Friday. 'No one else in the class can touch him.' she said. 'He's the most creative kid as a writer that I've ever been around.'"

The teacher encouraged Keith's mother to let him pursue creative writing. Keith's mother was not too keen on the idea. "She said, 'He's going to work the oil fields like his father,'" Keith said. "So I never pursued music until after I got a guitar, went to my grandma's bar, and watched the band play. That blessing that God gave me reared it's head, and here we are today."

:: Posted at 8:33 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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