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Joe Nichols Partners with Addiction Outreach Group The Hopeline

Jessica Phillips  |  October 15, 2009

Joe Nichols' song "An Old Friend of Mine," which addresses his own well-publicized bout with alcohol addiction, has inspired a new website aimed at reaching people who are going through various kinds of addictions. Nichols has partnered with The Hopeline to create a community for those who are in need.

"This site exists out of my desire to offer more than a song when talking about my struggle with addiction and recovery. The purpose of is to be a starting point resource for teens, families, parents, or individuals that are struggling with addiction or know some one who is," says Joe.

The website, An Old Friend of Mine, offers resources for people, as well as a live chat with Hopeline Counselors on Thursday evenings.

The first big event for this outreach site begins tonight with a live online chat with Hopeline counselors. The chat is from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST. Anyone wanting to attend the chat can click here for more information. Joe Nichols has not been confirmed to attend.

For those show are stuggling, Nichols offers his own bit of wisdom. "When it comes to addiction, I have certainly fought from my knees and I've fought and loss several times. But I think that getting to a place where you find something worth living for and fighting for, something that makes it strong enough to get through the next day, and start believing that there's something better out there. Those are the things that are key to moving on."

:: Posted at 11:29 AM by Jessica Phillips ::
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