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Jessica Phillips  |  October 15, 2009

Garth Brooks announced that he is coming out of retirement during a press conference this morning at the Grand Ole Opry house. No specific performance or venue plans were mentioned during the roughly half-hour press conference.

He did say that he will not be touring or making an album for at least another five years, as his youngest daughter is 13. It is rumored that he will do a series of shows in Las Vegas.

A larger press conference will take place later today in Las Vegas.

During the announcement, Garth spoke about the importance of unionizing the music industry, and the need for artists to protect their songs.

"We need to take back the music," Brooks said. "We don't realize how powerful we are. (Former CEO of Capitol Records Nashville) Jimmy Bowen told me that once, and he was absolutely right."

Garth was also adamant that fans should not expect his music on iTunes until album-only sales and variable pricing are allowed. "You won't see my stuff on there."

Finally Garth spoke of his love of the Opry. "I'd love to play the Opry more. I know I owe them, and if they want it, they should have it."

Stay tuned for more news from the second press conference later today. How do you feel about Garth's announcement? Let me know at

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