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New Videos from McGraw, McEntire, Underwood, Sugarland, Chesney

Jessica Phillips  |  October 2, 2009

The girls get dramatic, while the guys take it live in this array of new music videos from country music's most famous faces.

I'M ALIVE--For fans who will miss Kenny Chesney while he takes time off in 2010, Chesney gives them another look at some of his live shows over the past year.

CONSIDER ME GONE--Reba McEntire seems to love hanging out in the (clothes) closet. Her last video had her singing among a row of "little black dresses," and now in "Consider Me Gone," she's sitting in a room of colorful bridesmaids dresses. The ending is interesting, as the guy sits on the couch and watches as all the pictures of them begin fading from the room. Does he let her go or get her back?

COWBOY CASANOVA--Carrie Underwood spices it up in her latest video. The video is more casanova than cowboy, though. It reminds me of some of LeAnn Rimes' more recent videos, especially with the dancing.

KEEP YOU--Sugarland offers another dramatic slow song, a la "Stay." In this video, Nettles is as emotional as ever, with a dramatic scene of her cutting off her hair.

SOUTHERN VOICE--Tim McGraw shows how country has gone from front porch music to large arena music with a clip of live performances.

Other new videos by Michelle Branch, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert have been released as well. See all the videos by clicking here.

:: Posted at 12:46 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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