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Eric Church Reaches Top 10, Sings for NASCAR

Jessica Phillips  |  September 25, 2009

In his song "Love Your Love The Most," Eric Church sings about his love for all things country, including spending time at the racetrack. It comes as no surprise that Church jumped at the chance to perform during the pre-race festivities for the NASCAR Banking 500 race from Bank of America in Concord, North Carolina on October 17.

Then he will bring those rowdy, fun-loving NASCAR fans to a concert at the Turn 2 Diamond Tower Terrace. (Fans who bought a ticket to the NASCAR Banking 500 race receive free admission to the concert).

He probably won't have to worry if they know the lyrics to his current single, either. "Love Your Love The Most" just hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Country Charts. Church recalls the night he wrote the song:

"We were in Texas. We'd done a show, and you can tell by listening to this that we'd played a honky-tonk," he said. "That night, we looked out on the parking lot, and everyone was in their four-by-four pickup trucks. There's a cold-beer line in there. There's a Redman line. There's a George Strait line in there, too. Cowboy boots. Jack Daniels and Coke. To me, the song is just fun. It's a memory for me, too, because I'll always remember writing it and where we were and what it was."

It's no secret that country fans love NASCAR, fishing, and real love as much as Church does. But do they really love mustard on their fries?

:: Posted at 10:04 AM by Jessica Phillips ::
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