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Kidman inspires Urban's My Heart Is Open

Jessica Phillips  |  September 15, 2009

Wife Nicole Kidman has inspired several of the tunes off Keith Urban's latest album, Defying Gravity, including his current single, "Kiss A Girl."

Urban relates, "Ultimately, for me, the love of my wife was a huge influence on the record... It takes an enormous amount of courage to love somebody and have somebody love you," says Urban. "So that theme started emerging. I think, honestly, in a song even as simple as "Kiss a Girl," the (underlying) theme on that is wanting to be cautious because it feels like this is real love, and just wanting to ease into it and not rush it and do it properly."

He says that he distinctly remembers the moment that inspired the song, "My Heart Is Open."

"That came from a conversation I had with my wife...when we had just started dating. And I asked her how her heart was, which is a really strange (question). I don't know why I asked that question the way I did, but I guess it was just a way of finding out, 'Where are you at? I don't know, is there a chance for us to go forward?'

"And she said, 'It's open.' And I was really taken aback by that answer on so many levels. I thought it was an amazing thing to say, a really brave thing to say, to admit that to me." he says.

"And I guess it made me ask myself, too," Urban continues. "Is my heart really open? I mean, I think it is. But maybe it isn't. Maybe I've got it maybe a little bit closed because it's terrifying to let somebody in, because if they hurt you, it can be destroying." he concludes.

Keith, we are glad you are open to taking such moments and creating beautiful songs out of them.

:: Posted at 2:43 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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