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Carrie Underwood's Advice: Beware of Cowboys

Jessica Phillips  |  September 3, 2009

Well, not exactly. There are still good-guy cowboys who will tip their hat, smile, and ride off with you into the sunset. According to Carrie Underwood, It's those other kind of cowboys you gotta look out for.

"He's a good time cowboy casanova/
Leaning up against the record machine/
Looks like a cool drink of water/
But he's candy-coated misery/
He's the devil in disguise/
A snake with blue eyes"

On "Cowboy Casanova," the first single from Carrie Underwood's new album, she sounds like she knows exactly what she's talking about. The song was co-written by Underwood, along with Mike Elizondo and Brett James.

If "Last Name" was the prequel to "Before He Cheats," then this tune could easily be the sequel. After being betrayed and getting sweet revenge via a pair of keys, a baseball bat, and a (formerly) souped-up four-wheel drive, perhaps she's now warning another girl to not to get involved with the same guy? Don't say you weren't warned about those cowboys, girls...

You can catch the sneak peak of the song on Carrie's Youtube site.

:: Posted at 10:41 AM by Jessica Phillips ::
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