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Trace Adkins lives the high life thanks to his low note

Jessica Phillips  |  August 21, 2009

Whether he is singing the uptempo, slightly raunchy "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" or the wistful, somber "You're Gonna Miss This," the authoritative rumble and bass register of Trace Adkins' thunderous voice is unmistakable.

Adkins shares that he is under orders from country legend Buck Owens to keep it that way. When Adkins was just starting out in the music industry, Owens heard his voice and shared some advice with him. "Trace," he was told, "you need to keep hitting that low note you sing, because that's really all you have going for you."

Fortunately, Adkins does have more than that going for him, including a second place finish on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2008, the recent Number One song "Your Gonna Miss This," and a 2009 ACM Award for "Single of the Year."

Once he finishes his current run on Toby Keith's America's Toughest tour, he will head back to Nashville to make more music, and to focus on the non-musical things he has going for him.

"Being a good friend, a good father and a good husband and a son," Adkins shares. "Someone who conducts their business with total integrity. Those are things I want to be remembered for."

:: Posted at 12:54 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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