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Life keeps Lady A 'Humble'

Jessica Phillips  |  August 20, 2009

Photo Credit: David Johnson

Lady Antebellum has enjoyed a surprising amount of success for a new country trio. They are currently opening for Kenny Chesney, and recently received Best New Artist awards from both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. One would think they enjoyed hearing the news that their single, "I Run To You," had reached Number One while lounging in a swanky green room, or while preparing to hit the stage in front of several thousand people.

Lady Antebellum's lone lady Hillary Scott says that wasn't quite the case. "We were actually broken down in our bus on the side of the road in Boise, Idaho, because a tire on our trailer we pull behind us had blown out. It happened two times that morning. Life finds a way to keep you humble."

Life has also surprised the members in ways they couldn't have imagined. For one, Scott says the talented trio almost never formed.

"Our initial idea was just to write songs. We weren't trying to put a band together. The guys had known each other for years. They grew up in Augusta, Ga., together. Then we wrote so many songs together, we thought, "Let's just play a show and throw some covers in there just to see what it's like." We just wanted to have fun and to get some feedback about these songs we were so proud of and so excited about. It was kind of by accident that the first show happened. It felt too right not to do it."

With a Number One song finally under its belt, I'm sure life has more surprises in store for Lady A.

:: Posted at 2:10 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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