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Martina's July 4th Moments

Jessica Phillips  |  July 8, 2009

I love holidays. It doesn't matter whether it's Thanksgiving, Labor Day, New Year's Day, or the Fourth of July. While they all celebrate different ideals and occasions, they all (usually) mean one thing: time spent with friends and family. Like many, I enjoyed a great cookout with friends, great food, and fireworks (luckily, I was able to watch the display from a nice dry spot while over 100,000 people got soaked during a terrific downpour along the Riverfront in Nashville). I am still not sure which was hotter, the fireworks or Wynonna's fiery performance to open the show.

It's great to see that other big country stars think just as much of family and fireworks as I do. Martina McBride even took a video recorder along during her trip back to her hometown of Sharon, Kansas to give her fans a sneak peak at her weekend festivities. She drops by her church and Martina McBride Park, cooks up some beans and greens with the family, and yes, checks out some downhome fireworks. There's even a mini-McBride concert.

:: Posted at 4:06 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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