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Rocker Daughtry and Vince Gill Walk the Line

Jessica Phillips  |  July 1, 2009

American Idol rocker Daughtry decided to mix things up for his new album, Leave This Town, and he added one of country music's best voices to the project.

The singer behind the hit "Home" (not to be confused with Blake Shelton's song of the same name), wrote "Tennessee Line" and asked Vince Gill to add harmonies to the song.

"[Bandmate] Brian and I wrote a song together called 'Tennessee Line,' which has a bit of a country flavor," the singer says. "See, last time we had Slash on the record, and for this one we had Vince Gill, who I think is one of the greatest country vocalists out there, and he did some great harmonies and vocal bits for the song - which also has a fiddle in it. It's real cool."

:: Posted at 3:45 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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