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R&R, Performing Songwriter update

Jessica Phillips  |  June 3, 2009

My thoughts and prayers are with all the former employees of Radio and Records Magazine, which is shutting its doors after over 30 years. This magazine has been a staple for people in the music industry--a must-read and a credible source industry news, especially for radio programmers.

In the same day, we learn that popular magazine Performing Songwriter is shutting its doors. This magazine has featured great articles on many country greats and has been a popular vehicle for expanding country music's influence beyond its borders.

I am hopeful that either or both of these publications will somehow manage to keep an online influence, much like other music magazines that have gone under recently (including CST). It's a tragedy that so many fine publications dedicated to music have been shuttered, and it's another loss for the music industry.

:: Posted at 4:02 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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