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Nichols, Lambert, Worley single reviews

Jessica Phillips  |  May 28, 2009

There are several new songs flying up the charts right now. Be sure to check these out:

Believers-Joe Nichols (Universal South Records)
This positive, mid-tempo confection seems like an attempt to reclaim Nichols' "Impossible" days. Unfortunately, the background music drags, and Nichols doesn't sound too convincing on this tune. Sounds Like: any track from one of Randy Travis' gospel albums. Listen

Red Light-David Nail (Universal Music Group)
The subtle guitar licks and unique vocals shine on Nail's second radio outing on UMG. The song's subtle lyrics take a few listens to really grab your ear, but the song's irony about a guy getting dumped by his girlfriend on an otherwise normal day is immediately relatable. Sounds like: Jimmy Wayne or Rascal Flatts. Listen

Sounds Like Life to Me-Darryl Worley (Stroudavarious Records)
In this "suck it up" track, Worley plays a friend who finds the silver lining while his buddy complains about the pressures of everyday life-washers breaking down, wives becoming pregnant, etc... Sounds Like: Typical Worley fare. Listen

Dead Flowers-Miranda Lambert (Sony)
Miranda seems to be shedding her defiant country rocker sheen lately. On the heels of the introspective "More Like Her," comes a georgous ballad about a relationship that has gone on too long. The imagery of dead flowers and neglected Christmas lights represent two lovers who have grown apart. Listen

Address in the Stars-Caitlin and Will (Columbia Nashville)
Caitlin has a powerful vocal on this syrupy ballad. The song's production is overly dramatic, but it fits her voice well. The song itself is forgettable. Here's hoping they find some better material. Sounds Like: Carrie Underwood's vocal power combined with a bit of Miranda Lambert's grit. Listen

You First-Mac McAnally (Show Dog Records)
McAnally seems to have mastered George Strait's "don't let a good voice get in the way of a great song" method. Nice subtle guitar work backs up McAnally's warm voice on this beautiful song about the bond of two brothers and the sacrifice of a soldier. A must listen! Sounds Like: Kenny Rogers or Randy Owens. Listen

:: Posted at 1:10 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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