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Jimmy Wayne training to be Bo Duke?

Jessica Phillips  |  May 12, 2009

He may not have been "hood-sliding like Bo Duke," as Dierks Bentley sings, but singer Jimmy Wayne pulled his own stunt to make it onstage for a show in Fort Walton Beach, FL last week after becoming trapped inside his own tour bus. The incident was filmed and put on Youtube shortly after.

"I went to the front door on the bus to walk off and go inside the venue, and the bus door wouldn't open," Jimmy said. "I thought it was just stuck, so I messed with it a few minutes and realized I wasn't getting off the bus. It was pretty easy to go jump out of the window, but the bus has lights under the window and if you tear one of those lights off it's a repair."

The video shows a crew member bringing a ladder to the bus window; Jimmy then handed his guitar out the window before climbing out and heading onstage, about 20 minutes late.

Just make sure the door to your bus is in working order before you go on tour with prankster Brad Paisley this summer, Jimmy-and don't let Brad see this video. You don't want to give him any ideas.

:: Posted at 9:58 AM by Jessica Phillips ::
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