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Dream Team

Jessica Phillips  |  April 28, 2009

The recent news that country-rockers John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan, and the Red-Headed stranger himself, Willie Nelson, are going on tour together this spring should make every blue-collar worker, songwriter wannabe, and small-town patriot happy. This is a musical troubador's dream team.

I can think of a few country dream teams I'd like to see on a stage nearby:

The Divas tour: three female performers who have all won Entertainer of the Year

    Reba McEntire
    Dolly Parton
    Shania Twain
The Vocal Extravaganza: three of the most revered female vocalists in Country Music:
    Reba McEntire
    Trisha Yearwood
    Martina McBride
The New Blondes Tour: well, two-thirds of this tour is already underway, as Pickler and Swift are hitting the road right now.
    Carrie Underwood
    Kellie Pickler
    Taylor Swift
The Triple Threat tour: all three here have written #1 songs, won "Male Vocalist of the Year" awards, and are amazing guitarists.
    Keith Urban
    Brad Paisley
    Vince Gill
The Beach Bum tour: Since Chesney is trying to hard to become Jimmy Buffett anyway, put them on tour together already...
    Jimmy Buffett
    Kenny Chesney
    Blake Shelton (okay, so he's more into roping than surfing, but his hit "Some Beach" would fit in nicely).
The Stone Cold Country tour: Three classic voices with classic country songs.
    George Strait
    Randy Travis
    Leann Womack
The Legends Tour: (does this really need any explanation?)
    George Jones
    Loretta Lynn
    Merle Haggard
You have my wishlist, so what trio of artists would YOU choose?

:: Posted at 1:26 PM by Jessica Phillips ::
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