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San Diego, CA, February 21, 2010

Kasey Anderson  |  March 2, 2010

I've not spent much time in San Diego, so I was unaware that it is one of the largest cities in America, at least in terms of population density. I gotta say, for a "city," there's really not much "city" to San Diego. In fact, if I have one lasting memory from this gig, it will be driving around the block for 45 minutes trying to find a parking spot near the venue.

Lestat's is a nice little club, connected to a coffee shop on Adams Avenue, which, if the aforementioned parking debacle is any indication, appears to be one of the busier streets in the San Diego metropolitan area. The venue itself is not inside the coffee shop, but next door, though they share the same name. For me, as a performer, that's great because as much as I love a built in audience, I really don't enjoy competing with the sound of a barista steaming milk every three minutes. I'll get into this in more detail in the following posts, about the short NW tour I did with the brilliant Matthew Ryan, but for now I'll just say this: performers can hear almost everything from the stage. If you're having a loud conversation that you assume is quiet, you're probably very wrong. We are not enclosed in a little bubble of inspiration and creativity up there; we're trying to concentrate, and a lot of noise breaks that concentration at times. That's just human nature - people get distracted.

I do appreciate those who braved the rain to catch the show. I know that, in California, when water falls from the sky, it can induce the kind of panic usually reserved for natural disasters. Don't worry, I've seen the same behavior in Portland after a three-day dry spell followed by one day of rain. People forget how to function.

I'm not really a "Southern California" guy. It feels really foreign to me, and there's an air of desperation in Los Angeles that can be really jarring to be around. However, this time through, I really enjoyed seeing old friends and new faces, and playing the songs from this record for people. I'm very proud of the album and couldn't be happier that so many people are coming out to support the shows. Trust me when I say it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

San Francisco recap tomorrow. Oughta be a doozy.

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