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Nowhere Nights Blog

Long Way Home

Kasey Anderson  |  January 29, 2010

Photo by Anna Foster

The Pony Bar reminds me a lot of the Temple Bar in Bellingham, WA; dim, quiet, a lotta muted colors. I don't think of Bellingham that often these days, but a little nostalgia never hurt anybody.

Been in Europe almost a year, and I'm almost starting to miss the racket of an audience only half paying attention. Now, I'm not longing for the days of belting out tunes over whatever sporting event of dire importance was blaring from the barroom TV, but there's something about a quiet murmur that almost kinda dares you to get their attention. Over here, you've got it from minute one and as much as I appreciate it, I miss that fight. I'll get it again soon enough.

Hamburg is, for all its industrial and media pretenses, a port city. The shipping industry is tattooed all over whatever wasn't destroyed and rebuilt after the air raids. Being from the first major port town in the Pacific NW, there's familiarity and comfort found wandering Hamburg and seeing anchors plastered on shirts, bags, buildings and signs, being reminded of the Baltic on one side and the North on the other. I haven't outright missed home much this last year, but lately it has been on my mind, which reminds me that those two idioms, "home is where the heart is," and "home is where you hang your hat," don't have to be mutually exclusive but, sometimes, they are.

I'm ready to go home.

I wrote that January 19, after a night at the Pony Bar in Hamburg. I suppose, as introductory posts go, it's not exactly "Hi, I'm Kasey, nice to meet you," but sometimes it's better to hit the ground running. This is a tour blog in that much of it will be written while I'm on tour, as I'll be out for most of the next year, but I'd like it to be a bit more than "Gig was good. Food was bad. Hotel was dirty. Car's out of gas." I suspect you would, too. So we'll see where that goes. Feel free to drop a line with questions, comments, suggestions, or just to rap. You'll find me at NowhereNights[at] One last thing before I split: Hi, I'm Kasey. Nice to meet you.

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