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Songs of the SEC

Mike Sudhalter  |  June 16, 2012

Julie Roberts is the latest country singer to write a tribute song for an Southeastern Conference school.

Every Southeastern Conference school should be represented with a country song, and thanks to University of South Carolina alumna Julie Roberts, USC has joined the club of schools with a contemporary country tune with "Sweet Carolina."

Texas A&M, one of the SEC's two new members, has a song, "We Bleed Maroon," by Granger Smith, although it may need some updating with the Aggies' newfound conference affiliation. Although Smith may have had some foresight because he didn't mention the Longhorns at all in the tune.

Who can forget Corey Smith's "Every Dawg" about his beloved University of Georgia Bulldogs or Drew Landry's "Tiger Fan" tribute to LSU?

There are probably a few Alabama songs, but I like Dustin Wilkes' "Boy From Alabam," where he sings that his "TV is always on when the Crimson Tide plays." Doesn't say he watches them, but just that the TV is on. I assume he's glued to it.

Tennessee, of course, has "Rocky Top," but they need a contemporary country song. It shouldn't be tough, and it's high time that Kenny Chesney writes one. Heck, the way the Vols have been playing, "Boys of Fall" - a tribute to high school football - may qualify as the UT anthem.

We need Vanderbilt alum Dierks Bentley to write a song about the academic achieving, football-losing Commodores.

Props to former ACC (North Carolina) football player Chase Rice, who realized that the women were prettier in the conference next door in his tune, "Girls of the SEC."

Kentucky needs a song, even if its about basketball. Come on, John Michael Montgomery. This could help re-boot your career.

Florida? Let's write it, Easton Corbin, or are you a Seminole fan?

Sara Evans sings about "Missing Missouri", but will she or fellow Missourians David Nail or Trent Tomlinson welcome the Tigers to their new southern affiliation with a tune?

Ole Miss may be too snooty for country music, but you've got to give us something. Perhaps Faith Hill can re-work the words to "Mississippi Girl."

Auburn, Arkansas and Mississippi State, there's absolutely NO EXCUSE for y'all. Country as they come. Y'all need country songs. MSU, you can even use cowbells in yours!

:: Posted at 11:09 AM by Mike Sudhalter ::
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