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Texas Thursdays: George Strait, Still Going Strong

Mike Sudhalter  |  August 25, 2011

The release of a new George Strait album is always cause for celebration in the State of Texas

So in the country music rivalry that is Nashville vs. Texas, there's one man that stands above it all and is revered by both sides.

Yes, George Strait is so classy, traditional and well-liked that he can pull it off.

And, "Here For A Good Time," which debuts on Sept. 6 is Strait 39th, count 'em, 39th studio album.

The Country Music Hall of Famer was named the Artist of the Decade. He's achieved every honor and accolade possible, and all while staying true to his country roots.

What else is there to do but record more great music?

He's got the "Blue Marlin Blues" in this one. Who better to record a country song about a good, clean song about fishing.

Strait once had an album called "Always Never The Same." Yes, this describes his music. While it's always traditional, it is always a little bit different. He always offers something a little bit new. Whether it's a ballad about growing up, family ties, spirituality or heaven.

"House Across The Bay" is sure to be a big hit with fans who live in the South Texas coastal areas that Strait calls his second home.

Blake Shelton said back in June, during a show, that if you don't like George Strait, you probably don't have many friends. It's hard to argue with that.

Find one other artist that's been as consistently successful as Strait over the past 30 years. There hasn't been one - in pop, rock n' roll or any other genre.

Heck, Garth Brooks was a flash-in-the-plan compared to the legendary, Strait. Part of it was due to Brooks' retirement, but his star was starting to fade when he decided to be a stay-at-home dad.

From a Country Legend to a Red Dirt Folk Hero.

I hope my fellow Texans reading this column don't mind if we cross the Red River and talk about Mr. Stoney LaRue.

It's not easy for Texans to warm up to Oklahomans, but LaRue is a likeable artist. The CD cover for his new album, "Velvet", comes in a package that resembles Velvet.

That's very creative marketing, and a heck of a reason for folks like me who appreciate holding the actual Compact Disc in my hand.

It's a good thing I have plenty of CDs around, because who knows if they'll make 'em anymore when my unborn children start becoming music fans.

LaRue is a country artist with a heavy dose of blues and soul. He is a Red Dirt version of James Otto. Check out "Wiregrass" - one of his best songs on the new 10-song disc.

:: Posted at 10:52 PM by Mike Sudhalter ::
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