Country Mike

Turner to the Opry? A No-Brainer

Mike Sudhalter  |  May 10, 2007

Another country music blog, The 9513, had an article posing the question who will the next Grand Ole Opry inductee be?

It was a good article, and I agreed with most of it, but I think there's one mentioned artist that needs to be inducted immediately. And that's Josh Turner.

If there's any doubt, check out this video of Turner singing a George Jones classic, "He Stopped Loving Her Today".

Turner's original music stands on its own as well. He's been solidly traditional ever since his debut single, "Long Black Train".

He didn't go pop on his second album, instead coming out with hits like "Your Man", "Would You Go With Me?" and "Me and God"

Turner is an artist with serious credibility among traditional country, new country, bluegrass and gospel audiences. He has the ability and charm to become, if he wants to, the Roy Acuff or Vince Gill of his generation - An ambassador of country music, the keeper of the flame and a true gentleman. Someone who would be a great representative of the genre's most important establishment.

So, Grand Ole Opry, what are you waiting for?