Country Mike

Brooke Ludwick

Mike Sudhalter  |  July 18, 2008

It's about time that another country singer emerged out of the Seattle-Tacoma area. The only others I recall are Lila McCann and Blaine Larsen.

Ludwick, who hails from Kirkland, Wash., makes the Pacific Northwest proud with her "When The Circus Leaves Town" album. My favorite song is "Circus Leaves Town," and it makes an interesting observation about life - how it goes on after the circus leaves town. I think that's a pretty cool analogy.

Another thing to note is that Ludwick's sound is steeped in tradition. According to Country Weekly's "Who's New" profile of Ludwick, she was first introduced to the genre by her stepfather. Together, they listened to the classic stuff together.

I hope to hear "Circus Leaves Town" on my local country radio station. I've already heard it, but I hope other listeners in California will be exposed to the sound of their fellow West Coaster.